After Extraction

Postoperative instructions following tooth extraction

  • Keep relatively quiet and rest on the day of your tooth extraction.

  • Keep gauze packs or cotton rolls in; 15 - 30 minutes following surgery, then remove.

  • Take all prescribed medications if prescribed by the dentist.

  • If you were sedated for surgery, ensure that you have someone with you for the most of the day.

  • Brush teeth and gums well, except for the extraction area, beginning 24 hours after surgery.

  • Do not spit, rinse or smoke for 24 hours. It dislodges the blood clots forming in the sockets.

  • Do not drink through straws for 5 days. Drink directly from the glass or use a spoon.

  • Do not take aspirin or aspirin products, since they may prolong bleeding.

  • Do not drive a car, ride a bike or drink any alcoholic beverages while taking prescribed pain medications. Also do not take pain medications on an empty stomach.


What you can expect and what to do

  • Slight elevation of temperature immediately following surgery is not uncommon. Anti-inflammatory should be taken to reduce the fever.

  • Bleeding may continue for a short period of time or may persist until the next day. Maintain gentle pressure by biting on the gauze packs until it stops. Do not chew on the gauze. If bleeding starts again, put gauze, a cotton roll, or a damp teabag over the bleeding area and bite on it with firm, steady pressure for one hour. Do not chew on it. If profuse bleeding or any other problems occur, please contact the practise.

  • Some degree of swelling and discomfort following the surgery is to be expected. Discoloration and a slight stiffness of the jaw can be normal post-operative events. Maximal swelling is expected on a second day and may last for several days. A sore throat or tender nose may also occur.

  • Do not brush your teeth or rinse your mouth until the morning following the surgery.

  • Most of the time the sutures or stitches used dissolve by themselves and small pieces will come out approximately 7-14 days following the surgery. This is to be expected. If the sutures need to be removed, an appointment will be made for you.

  • Eat a normal diet the day after surgery. It is very important that you chew. The jaws will stiffen very quickly if not used. A balanced diet is important to the healing process.

  • Good dental hygiene is important and should be started the day after surgery. Brush your teeth well, and begin rinsing with warm water with a pinch of salt added. Do this 2-3 times a day, especially after eating.

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