About Us

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Our practice

Biodent is dedicated to the healing and wellbeing of the individual, family and community.

Our Vision Statement

  • To commit ourselves to continuously improve all that we do.
  • To provide our patients with the best possible health care and to support them in their healing process.
  • To support healthy lifestyle choices and educate on health-related issues.
  • To focus our daily affairs on our staff and community in order to provide quality services and information in a trustworthy manner.
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A team that cares

Dental technology is ever-changing and constantly evolving. We do our best to stay relevant to the needs of our patients using advanced technology that helps us better diagnose and treat oral conditions and diseases. We take pride in our services and the quality of dentistry. Our objective is to complete work of the highest standard, and to the total satisfaction of our clients. We are here to create smiles and believe that you’re never fully dressed without a smile.

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Dr. Nico Verloop

Dr. Verloop graduated at the University of Pretoria in 2001. After completing his community service, he relocated to the Netherlands, where he owned a successful dental practice. During this time, he obtained his Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry (PDD) from Western Cape University. He completed his POS training (Progressive Orthodontic Seminars by McGann) in Amstelveen, The Netherlands. Due to family reasons, his family decided to return to South Africa. In 2016 he was one of the first South African dentists to obtain his MSc in Laser Dentistry from the University of Genoa, Italy. Dr. Verloop is currently a peer reviewer for the journal Laser in Medical Science (LIMS).